Traffic Revisions Are Coming

With The Downtown Streets Improvement Project

The Idaho Transportation Department is planning to complete the Fifth Avenue project by the end of April 2017.

With this change, two-way traffic will be re-introduced in the Downtown area making it easier to access the Downtown businesses and provide a greater environment for people to access shops, to sit and enjoy the Downtown streetscape, meet neighbors, and connect with the City. The project includes the revision of traffic flow to two-way traffic on most Downtown City streets and the reconstruction of First Avenue and Cedar Street. The current one-way traffic on First Avenue, Cedar Street, Pine and Church Streets will change from one-way to two-way traffic with diagonal and/or parallel parking on each block. Fifth Avenue will change to two-way traffic with no parking allowed on Fifth Avenue. Also, the revision includes the removal of traffic signals at Second/Cedar; Pine/First; and Pine/Fifth. A new signal at Church and Fifth will be activated. We will be seeking public input on the traffic revisions at the third open house currently planned for June 2017. This gives us an opportunity to rely on you to tell us how the traffic revisions are working and to provide valuable input on the design of the street reconstruction project.

Our goal is to make Downtown Sandpoint a better place to enjoy and embrace the pedestrian and bike friendly nature of the urban core.