Between Second and Third Avenues: OPEN TO MOTORIST & PEDESTRIANS – crews will finish placing the last section of sidewalk on the north side and begin setting the red brick pavers between the new sidewalk and the new curb.  Concrete foundation pads are necessary under the street furniture (benches, trash receptacles, and bicycle racks); these foundations are scheduled to start next week.

Between Third and Fourth Avenues: CLOSED TO MOTORIST; OPEN TO PEDESTRIANS – crews will continue installing the new stormwater lines and various utility conduits, requiring excavation and backfill.  Curbs and gutters along the south side are scheduled to start next week.

Intersection at 4th & Cedar: CLOSED Monday – Wednesday to accommodate removal of asphalt and installation of the new stormwater lines.  Access to Connie’s will be open.

Schedule: We are pleased to report that the estimated project completion date has not changed.  Paving will occur in late August or early September.  Planting of trees, ornamental lights, striping, and other clean-up will continue after paving.  Work on First Avenue will begin after Labor Day and is expected to last through mid-October.

Common Questions:

  • How often is dust control performed?  Crews are spraying water at least two times a day, including weekends.
  • Is the width between the bulb-outs sufficient?  Until the project is fully complete, it can be challenging to visualize the final product.  For comparison, at the narrowest width, the travel way is equal to two highway lanes.  Snow removal is a valid concern and was considered during the design phase; we are taking action to prevent damage to the new curbs by adjusting our methods.